Kumquat Jam

KumquatsWe’ve had a kumquat tree in our yard for the past 15 years. I think I tasted one the day we moved in, thought they were so super sour that I never went near that tree again. But I came home this year determined to take advantage of fresh food and make something out of it. So, I went out there and picked a million of them and got to slicing. (Look how pretty they are!)


Did you know that those tiny little buggers have a million seeds?

kumquat seedsIt’s a pain, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. As I sliced, I just poked them out with the tip of the knife. So, I think I used about two pounds of kumquats and by the time I finished slicing them all, the citrus smell was already overtaking the kitchen.

kumquat jam

To that, I added three cups of water and brought it up to a simmer. Once it was simmering, I added two cups of sugar and let it simmer for about an hour an a half, giving it a stir every 10-15 minutes. If you want it to be sweeter, you could add more sugar, because the final product is quite tangy. I like that, but if you don’t, add more and keep tasting it until you do!

After about half an hour, it looked like this:

kumquat jamAnd after about an hour, it looked like this:

kumquat jamAt this point the whole house smells like kumquats! So, when the texture becomes syrup-like, it’s ready. I checked it periodically by cooling a bit on a spoon to see how thick it was. You can choose it make it more or less dense depending on your preference. The final product:

kumquat jamLook how yummy that looks! It’s really tangy and the peels are super soft. So this morning, I spread some of it on a piece of sourdough toast…and breakfast!

kumquat jam

I got quite a bit of jam out of those two pounds of kumquats, so I’ll be gifting them along my trip up north today. 
kumquat jam