About Me:

My name is Lisa and I love food. I love to eat it, cook it and talk about it. I’m a native Californian, but about four years ago I moved to Spain. I love to try new things; no matter how strange they might be, I feel compelled to try them at least once (and though the opportunity to try frog legs has not yet presented itself to me, when it does, I will dig in with gusto – and of course report back!) I also love to travel, take pictures and write, so this blog is a place where I would like put all of those things together and share my food experiences, whether that be the recipes I try or the delicious foods I discover along the way.

My Food Philosophy:

I’m not a student anymore, but I live on pretty much the same budget, and have less time! But, no matter what, for me eating varied, fresh foods is really important. I like to make things from scratch and try to buy fresh, healthy products that are in season. I love to challenge myself with new recipes and since I’ve been living in Spain, I’ve also taken to learning traditional dishes.

I’ll post all the recipes I think are worthwhile sharing. In general, they will be healthy, balanced and quick to make. Enjoy!


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