This Exists

Last night a water pipe burst in my apartment (How is it that these things always happen in the middle of the night??), but a good insurance company and knowing that this is in the world made things a lot better.

I have been seeing commercials on TV for this: it’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese in a love affair with Milka Milk Chocolate – and it’s finally made it to my local supermarket and, in turn, to my stomach. Why did no one thing of this before??

Happy Friday, everyone!!

3 thoughts on “This Exists

  1. Phyllis Chambers-Emmons says:

    According this product exists here in the US in milk, semi-sweet, and white chocolate!!! Packaging is in brown and lighter brown containers with blue squiggles, and blue Philadelphia. All rightie, then, it’s search and seizure time. Thanks, Lisa! I am so sorry about the burst water pipe in your apartment. Has it been repaired and do you have water?

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