New Year, New Blog

I’m starting out 2012 with a new blog about, what else?, food! After a fabulous vacation visiting my family and friends in California, I have returned to Spain with a lot of encouragement and energy to start the new year. It’s funny how three weeks in sunny, warm Southern California can make you forget what the cold feels like. And, man, is it cold. In fact, we had our first snow here this afternoon. And what could be a better way to forget the cold weather outside but to indulge in warm, rich chocolate with freshly made churros.

Chocolaterias Valor are one of Spain’s best chocolate manufacturers and one of their specialties is this hot chocolate “drink” – and use the term “drink” loosly to mean thick, rich, delicious melted milk chocolate. Here in Salamanca we just happen to be so lucky to have a Valor Café where they serve the chocolate piping hot and fry the churros when you order them. I like to sprinkle a little sugar on them and get to dunking.

I haven’t personally attempted this one, but if you’ve got a winter chill and want to give them a shot, here’s a recipe to get you going.

Now, before I sign off, I’ll prove to you all that it really is snowing with a picture taken in Salamanca’s beautiful main square.


6 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Phyllis Chambers-Emmons says:

    Snow! The Plaza looks lovely! I remember eating crispy sugary churros dipped in that thick, hot fudge like hot chocolate in a little place in Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic.

  2. Hey! I’m happy about your blog… it’s been officially added to my Google Reader. Can’t wait to read your posts!
    I’m really grateful for sunny Puerto Rico, but I sure miss Salamanca… And that hot chocolate, it’s simply delicious!
    Miss you!

    • lisitainspain says:

      I remember the first time I ever tried Valor was with you after we had all gone on a Salamanca sightseeing tour and it was freezing out! So yummy!!

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